Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Here are a few of the common ones we get asked.

What products do you use?

At Master Auto Detail we pride ourselves in treating our customers vehicles with high quality products and equipment. These are carefully selected professional grade products and cleaners. Additionally, we are an eco-friendly company and upon request we can provide you our product details as well as any and all relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Will you be able to remove scratches from my car? What about that hazy/swirly look?

We can remove certain scratches from the exterior clear coat of a car. The rule of thumb is the scratch must be on the surface of the clear coat paint. If you can feel it with your fingernail the scratch is too deep to be removed. However, if you cannot feel the scratch with your fingernail there is a possibility the scratch can be removed. If your car has swirls or a dull look to it, we can restore the showroom shine to your paintwork for you.

How long does a wax and sealant job last?

A wax treatment typically last up to six months (compared to low end products that our competitors use that only last 1-2 months). Our paint sealant lasts approximately six to nine months. Our wax and sealant last longer because of the high grade products that we use. However, the duration of protection is dependent on the behavior of the customer, for example, the more automatic car washes you use, the faster the protection time is depleted. Conversely the more you protect your car from the elements the longer the protection time is extended.

What category does my car fall into?

Here are a few examples of each category:

Sedan – Most 2 door coupes, Mini-Cooper, Small Toyotas like Corolla's, two door sports cars like Camaros, most 4 door family saloons, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class

SUV – small crossovers, BMW X-1, Mercedes GLA, fall into the medium depending on make and model, Bentleys, Audi A8, Small 4×4–Jeep, X3, X5, and Landrovers, Merc R-Class, Audi Q7

Truck – trucks like Tacomas and base model F-150s, Large trucks like F-250's, F-350's, Chevrolet Express and Cargo Vans.